Art Hamptons International Art Fair

Art Hamptons: July 11th - 14th 2013

Represented by Mindy Solomon

Produced for and by Hamptonites, now in its 6th successful year, is one of the “must attend’ cultural events of the summer. ArtHamptons has come to be known as a celebration of the Hamptons art community as we pay homage to the region’s century long tradition as a mecca for the creation and patronage of art. As such, Hamptonsites come to celebrate living in this historical and highly creative community. More than an art fair, ArtHamptons has become a cultural tradition. Attendance grows yearly, which is now in excess of 11,000 devotees. It’s known not only for honoring many of its region’s past masters, but also a showcase for the currently revered and emerging artists of today on the East End. Local art galleries get to exhibit next to prominent international dealers from 12 countries. Impeccably designed, it is all set to the highest level of international production standards.


60 Millstone Rd. (off Scuttle Hole Rd.) Bridgehampton, NY. 11932